Monday, December 2, 2002, 8:00 a.m.


Introductions were made around the table. In attendance were the Soil and Water Commission, the MASWCD Board, DNR Program Staff, Roger Hansen of NRCS, Bob Miller of MDC, Peter Hoeffer of MO Department of Agriculture, Dave Baker of University Extension, and a few soil and water district representatives.

Eli Mast and Liz Brown welcomed everyone and explained the purpose of the joint meeting.

Milton Barr gave an update on the budget for FY-2003 and the projected budget for FY-2004. The budget for FY-2002 was $38,085,299 and for FY-2003 is $38,481,186. The first quarter revenue for FY-03 has been higher than the FY-02 first quarter revenue. The projected budget for FY-2004 is $38,481,186, the same amount as FY-2003. The only change is a re-direction of $500,000 from loan interest-share to cost-share and educational grants. Milton also gave an expenditure summary for FY-2002.

Jim Plassmeyer reviewed information on the income and expenses of the districts for FY-2002. The total income for all districts was $10,492,868. This is the second year the total income has exceeded $10 million. The total expenses were $10,742,867. This was the first year the total expenses exceeded $10 million. Jim stated that 72% of the expenses were employee related costs. The FY-2002 expenses exceeded the income for the first time. This is mostly attributed to the fact that some of the completed 319 projects still had expenses in FY-2002 when the income was received in FY-2001. He also had a breakdown of districts that get 90% or more of their funding from the state and a map showing the breakdown of the funds remaining in the districts at the end of FY-2002.

Jim Boschert gave a report on the district employee benefit funds. In FY-2002 there were 344 district employees, 280 of them worked over 1000 hours and 64 worked less than 1000 hours. Of the 64 who worked less than 1000 hours, 30 are considered part-time employees, the other 34 were positions where employee turnover occurred. Jim reported that for FY-2003 there are 309 district employees with 20 reported as part time on the benefit agreements. The gross salary amount for FY-2002 was $5,976,685 and the projected FY-2003 gross salary amount is $6,308,677. Jim also reported on the average gross salary amounts of the different positions for employees who worked over 2000 hours.

Noland Farmer reported on the FY-2002 cost-share program. There was $25.7 million allocated with $21.8 million claimed, which was 84%. FY-2002 was the third highest year in claimed cost-share dollars. He did stated that it is hard to compare the average cost per ton amounts from year to year due to limits set by districts which change periodically and the fact that the dollars reported are cost-share dollars paid, not the total cost of the project. Noland presented a chart showing comparisons of the average ton of soil saved per practice for FY-2002, the cost per ton of soil saved per practice for FY-2002, and the past 5 years comparison of average cost per ton of soil saved. He stated that for FY-2003 the cost share claimed is running slightly ahead of projection.

Kenny Struemph gave a report on the SALT AgNPS program. The budget is $6,896,000 and there are 38 ongoing SALT projects. Boone County has completed the first AgNPS project. There are 15 projects, which work across boundaries using a memorandum of understanding. The fifth call for proposals resulted in 18 applications. The final applications are due mid February, there is funding for 10-12 of these projects. He presented a map showing all districts that have received funding through the SALT AgNPS program. He presented a chart showing the FY-2002 expenses per practice.

Bill Wilson reviewed highlights for the Supervisor Training Conference with a short explanation of what each workshop would provide. He stated there are 26 different workshops and training sessions. The number pre-registered is 801 as of November 27.

Joint meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m. with the Commission and MASWCD both continuing in separate meetings at 9:15 a.m.