Reorganizational Meeting


December 2, 2008



Fred Feldmann opened the meeting at 1:50 p.m.  Due to the Bylaws Amendments he thanked the group for the opportunity to work with them and left turning the meeting over to 1st Vice-President Steve Radcliff.


Roll Call was taken-

                Area I                     Bernard Chestnut, alternate

                Area II                   Tom Lambert, alternate

                Area III                 Kenney Lovelace, director

                Area IV                  Beverly Dometrorch, director

                Area V                   George Engelbach, director

                Area VI                  Ben Gorden, director

                Area VII                                Sharon Gifford, director

                Area VIII              To be appointed during this meeting


The Parliamentarian stated that the Board of Directors could make temporary director appointment with two temporary alternates for that area with the requirement that an area election be held within 60 days. 


Kathryn Braden stated that a nominating committee for Area VIII had been put together consisting of Harry Robbins, chair; Gerald Bryan; and D. R. Barks.  Their slate for these temporary appointments is as follows:  Director Steve Huber, 1st alternate Harry Robbins and 2nd alternate Jeff Henson.  Sharon Gifford moved to accept these three as noted and Beverly Demetrorch seconded the motion.  Steve Huber was not in attendance representing Area VIII so Harry Robbins was there as the 1st alternate.



President-Beverly Demetrorch nominated Steve Radcliff and Kenny Lovelace seconded the nomination.  Vote was 5 in favor.  Steve Radcliff elected President.


1st Vice President-Kenny Lovelace nominated Beverly Demetrorch and Sharon Gifford seconded the nomination.  Vote was 5 in favor.  Beverly Demetrorch elected 1st Vice President.


2nd Vice President-Beverly Demetrorch nominated Kenny Lovelace and Sharon Gifford seconded the nomination.  Vote was 5 in favor.  Kenny Lovelace elected 2nd Vice President.


3rd Vice President-Beverly Demetrorch nominated Sharon Gifford and Tom Lambert seconded the motion.  Vote was 5 in favor.  Sharon Gifford elected 3rd Vice President. 


Under the amended Bylaws require a Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer be appointed.  Tom Lambert moved to appoint David Dix and Harry Robbins seconded the motion.  Vote was 6 in favor.  David Dix appointed Treasurer. 


The Assistant Treasurer position is a new one and would require that person to take over the duties of the Treasurer in his absence and would need to be bonded as well.  Sharon Gifford moved to appoint Henry Heinze and Tom Lambert seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Executive Director Contract

Beverly Demetrorch moved to again have Peggy Lemons serve as the Executive Director and Kenny Lovelace seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  As Peggy was unable to be at the meeting, this would be discussed more at a later date.


Approve Agenda

Tom Lambert moved and Beverly Demetrorch seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion passed.


NACD Delegate Representative

Kenny Lovelace moved and Harry Robbins seconded the nomination of Steve Radcliff for NACD representative from MO.  Motion passed.  The alternate position will be postponed until the January meeting.  If one of the Board members decides they would like to volunteer to attend the January meeting in Chicago they should let Peggy know.  At present this opportunity is open for the February meeting in New Orleans as well.  Let Peggy know if you are interested in either opportunity.


2009 Educational Seminar

Sharon Gifford moved and Kenny Lovelace seconded to continue this seminar.  Motion passed.  Location, date, agenda and speakers to be discussed at the next meeting.



An effort should be made to thank all that assisted in putting on this training conference tonight at the banquet. 


Necessary bylaws changes need to be addressed.  A Bylaws committee chair needs to be approved and then a committee will need to be appointed to pursue revision.  Motion was made and seconded for Beverly Demetrorch to serve as Bylaws chair.  Motion passed.  A committee will be appointed in the near future.


The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for January 21, 2009, the day before the Commission meeting on the 22nd.  Kathryn Braden pointed out the Commission may move their meeting up to the 9th.  The request was to meet the day before the Commission and notice would be given as soon as that date was confirmed.


Other committees needing chairpersons are the Resolutions and Awards Committees. Beverly Demetrorch moved and Tom Lambert seconded that Ben Gorden chair the Resolutions committee.  Motion was made and seconded that Sharon Gifford be the Awards Chairman.  Both motions passed.


Housekeeping:  Bring any door prizes you might have to the lunch on Wed or at break time tomorrow morning.  The traditional clock is not here but will be sent to the winner.


Steve Radcliff commented that it was his goal to have a workshop with the association, the commission, MDC, NRCS, and all our partners to try to get everyone on the same page.


The meeting was adjourned.