November 2008 Training Conference




Resolution # 1


Warren County

Whereas, Soil and Water Conservation District Board Supervisors are volunteers by statute, and

Whereas, District Board Supervisors are not eligible to receive health insurance through the current system.  This is due to the fact that board members are a volunteer position, and

Whereas, DNR has group health insurance established for soil and water district employees;

Therefore, be it resolved: That we urge the Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts in cooperation with DNR to change MO Statute Chapter 278, Soil Conservation, Section 278.110.4, to read:  A soil and water supervisor shall receive no compensation for his services, but he shall be entitled to expenses, including travel expense and health insurance for self and family through the MCHCP  Missouri DNR provider if it is paid 100% by the supervisor.

Reason:  It is getting increasingly difficult to find people willing to take on the role of supervisor.  Due to the high cost of health insurance for self-employed farmers, especially as they get older, this would be an incentive for self-employed farmers to run for the position.  At the same time, there would be no premium cost to the state.

Passed by voice vote. 


Resolution #2


Vernon County SWCD



Whereas, the Parks & Soils Sales Tax funds are appropriated yearly in budget categories, and


Whereas, this Parks & Soils Sales Tax budget is public funds available for public review; 


Therefore be it resolved:  That the Missouri Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts request that a minimum of 62% of the money allocated to the soil and water districts from the Parks and Soils Tax go to cost-share and the remaining to be used for salaries and administrative costs.


 Failed   25 - 40



Resolution # 3


Buchanan County SWCD



Whereas, Currently land under an expiring Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contract and land that has recently been removed from a mature CRP contract are not eligible for state cost share according to rule 10 CSR 70-5.020(2) (erosion rate limitations).  And that this same land is not eligible for state cost share until the fields are cropped for three to four years and an erosion problem does develop;


Therefore be it resolved:  That the Missouri Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts urge the Commission to allow land (cropland or pasture) under an expiring Conservation Reserve Program contract, which will be brought into cropland production, be eligible for state cost share funding during the first year out of the CRP program.  Justification will be based upon the calculated erosion rate of the land while it was cropped prior to being enrolled into CRP.  Eligible land will have a pre-CRP erosion rate greater than T.


The rule, 10 CSR 70-5.020(2) have an additional instance when excessive erosion is not necessarily occurring.


(H) for the establishment of conservation practices on land recently removed from an expired CRP contract.



Passed   52 - 18 

Resolution #4





Therefore, be it resolved:  that MASWCD requests DNR provide an itemized financial report each fiscal year by August 1.


Passed  61 - 0 



Resolution #5




Therefore, be it resolved:  that the Missouri Association of Conservation Districts requests the Soil and Water Districts Commission and DNR to use the available reserve funds to allow continuous operation of the cost-share program.


Passed   74 - 0