November 2010 Training Conference




Resolution # 1


Morgan County


Whereas, protecting soil and plant resources is the purpose of the N472 Use Exclusion practice, and


Whereas, cost-share is currently authorized for exclusion of an existing pond under the N472 Use Exclusion practice;


Therefore be it resolved:  That the Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts request the Commission to allow cost-share under the N472 Use Exclusion practice for placement of a water line through an impoundment dam of an existing pond and for a livestock watering tank and the components necessary to make it functional for livestock water to be placed outside the area being excluded when the pond being excluded is a viable source of livestock water for a landowner.


Reason, landowners are reluctant to fence livestock from existing ponds when the pond is a water source for their livestock.  We feel providing cost-share for the placement of a livestock watering tank outside the excluded area will encourage landowners to fence livestock from existing ponds.


Passed with only 1 no vote.  Will be forwarded to the Commission for their consideration.  This resolution will be included with the other information for the N472 Use Exclusion practice and when the practice is brought up for review, this will be part of the discussion for the review.