November 2012 Training Conference




There were no resolutions submitted in advance of the annual MASWCD Business Meeting.  All resolutions to be addressed will have to be submitted from the floor during the MASWCD Business Meeting.




Resolution # 2012-1

Perry County SWCD


Whereas, tilling the soil and leaving it without a ground cover is one of the worst things that can be done on fields that are highly erodible.  Planting with no-till planters and drills is the most effective method to use to prevent erosion on these fields, and

Whereas, the equipment is so expensive that many farmers do not have enough acres to justify buying newer planting equipment but they would rent no-till equipment if they were available, and

Whereas, many districts cannot afford to buy or replace existing no-till equipment without a matching grant program;

Therefore, be it resolved:  that the Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts urge the Missouri Soil and Water Commission to reinstate the matching grant program to districts for no-till equipment.



Passed – Yes – 51 / No - 0





Motion Presented and Approved at the 2012 MASWCD Annual Business Meeting


David Morris, supervisor from Livingston County stated his district did not feel the funds for outsourcing the payroll should be provided to a district in addition to their other funding.  He read from the job description of the Program Specialist which states that payroll is part of that position’s duties.  He stated Livingston County would like to make a motion that the cost of the outsourcing of the payroll come from a district’s $5500 administrative fund with no additional reimbursement from the Program Office.  DeKalb County seconded the motion.  One comment in support of outsourcing, no other comments.


Passed – Yes – 39