MASWCD Conference Call

April 12, 2010

10:00 a.m.



 Not Present

Steve Radcliff, President

Tom Lambert, Area 2

Kenny Lovelace, Area 3

Beverly Dometrorch, Area 4

Ben Gorden, Area 6

Dan Greeson, Area 7

Peggy Lemons, Executive Director


Fred Feldmann, Past President

Bruce Biermann , Area 1

George Engelbach, Area 5

Steve Huber, Area 8

David Dix, Treasurer

President Steve Radcliff opened the meeting at 10:15 a.m. and approved a quorum by roll call and welcomed Dan Greeson from Area 7 who is now completing the term of Sharon Gifford.


Beverly Dometrorch made a motion to approve the agenda.  Kenny Lovelace seconded.  Motion approved unanimously (5-0).


The first item discussed was the awards program for 2010.  After discussion a motion was made by Ben Gorden to continue with the awards program as in the past with an increased effort of getting nominations.  Beverly Dometrorch seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).


The next item discussed was the NACD Legislative Conference in July in Washington, DC.  The Board had made a decision previously to send additional Board Directors if they could attend.  Kenny Lovelace stated he was interested in attending along with Steve Radcliff, Beverly Dometrorch and Peggy Lemons.  Beverly Dometrorch made a motion to cover the expenses for Kenny Lovelace to attend this meeting, Ben Gorden seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).


The dues for the Missouri River Team was originally thought to be $250 to $300, however when verified with the invoice it is actually $500.  Kenny Lovelace made a motion that if Bruce is interested in attending the meetings we should spend the money to pay these dues.  Tom Lambert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).


There is a conference planned by NACD for the state association Executive Directors for May 26-28 in Olympia, WA.  A motion was made by Beverly Dometrorch to approve expenses for Peggy to attend the conference.  Kenny Lovelace seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Due to the resignation of Sharon Gifford, the Board discussed the issue of whether another person was needed to be listed as a signature on some of the bank accounts.  After discussion it was determined that since Henry Heinze was added as assistant treasurer, we did not need another person to sign checks on the accounts.  Beverly Dometrorch made a motion to remove Sharon Gifford from the accounts she is currently listed as a signer on.  Tom Lambert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).


The upcoming Area Meetings were discussed.  The dates selected are the weeks of August 23 and August 30.  Those that had checked with the districts and had some indication of whether to have a day or evening meeting relayed those indications.  Areas 3, 4 and 6 all said their districts wanted an evening meeting.  Area 3 likes to have the meeting in Shelbina.


During meetings with Legislators at the Education Seminar it was suggested a group needed to meet with the Governorís staff to discuss the issues that are causing a lot of concern.  One Legislator stated it would be best to include DNR, etc., in the meeting so one meeting could hopefully handle the issues and not to have to hold several meetings to get all those involved included in the discussion.  A motion was made by Tom Lambert to proceed with setting up a meeting with the Governorís staff.  Ben Gorden seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).  Kenny Lovelace will work with his Representative to get this meeting set up.


Steve Radcliff reviewed a letter he had received from Bryan Hopkins requesting a meeting the day before the next Commission meeting.  As far as he knew, Steve stated he was the only one who received a letter and the letter stated it would be a meeting with Bryan Hopkins and Mike Wells.  A motion was made by Tom Lambert to agree to the meeting but include 2 more people along with Steve Radcliff.  Kenny Lovelace seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).  Beverly Dometrorch and Peggy Lemons will be the 2 additional people with Kenny Lovelace as a backup.


Correspondence that had been received since the last Board meeting was discussed.  The letter from Bryan Hopkins about the task force (work group) was mailed to all SWCD Board Members and e-mailed to all district offices.  Henry Heinze sent a copy of correspondence he had with LICA suggesting they get involved in getting the structures in wooded settings approved for cost-share.  He referenced the resolution that was passed at the 2009 Training Conference.  The Commission has not been asked to discuss the resolution yet.  Ben Gorden indicated his Representative indicated he had met with Bryan Hopkins recently.  Steve Radcliff relayed that he had talked with a Supervisor from Oregon County who had said he and his Legislator had met with Bryan Hopkins the day before the Education Seminar.  The organization chart for DNR was sent out to the Board, this was requested by some who had attended the Education Seminar.  Beverly Dometrorch indicated her districts are asking where we think we are headed and what do you think we are going to do to fix it.


George Engelbach had relayed information to Peggy about the passing of Fred Feldmannís mother in the last couple of weeks.  Beverly Dometrorch made a motion to approve sending flowers or a plant to Fredís home.  Kenny Lovelace seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (5-0).


There being no further business, a motion was made by Tom Lambert to adjourn. Motion seconded by Ben Gorden. Motion carried unanimously (5-0).  Conference call adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Peggy Lemons

Executive Director

Steve Radcliff