MASWCD Minutes

Tan-Tar-A Resort

Osage Beach, Missouri

December 1, 2008




Fred Feldmann, President

Steve Oetting, Past President

Steve Radcliff, Area II

Kenny Lovelace, Area III

George Engelbach, Area V

Marie Iiams, Area VI

Sharon Gifford, Area VII

Harry Robbins, Area VIII

David Dix, Treasurer

Sharon Oetting, substitute Secretary

Ronny Margason, Parliamentarian

Bernard Chestnut, Area I 1st Alternate

David Morris, Area II Alternate

Henry Heinz, Area III 1st Alternate

Richard Hoelscher, Area V Alternate

Steve Huber, Area VIII 1st Alternate

Ben Gorden, Area VI-elect

David Hale, Polk Co.

Don Hicks, Jackson Co. Supervisor

Bill McGuire, MDC

Kelly Smith, MFB

David Klarich, Attorney


President Fred Feldmann welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. with a quorum established.  Sharon Oetting filled in as secretary in the absence of Peggy Lemons.  A sign up sheet was distributed to take attendance and take the roll call.


President Feldmann asked for approval of the agenda.  Steve Radcliff requested inclusion of discussion on how Area VIII’s representation would be determined.  Kenny Lovelace moved to approve the amended agenda.  Sharon Gifford seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


A request was made for someone to represent the MASWCD Board at the Commission meeting also in progress.  Beverly Dometrorch volunteered to attend. 

Steve Radcliff moved to postpone approval of minutes from the past meeting until next meeting as they were unavailable at this time.  Sharon Gifford seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  (1 no vote-George Engelbach)


A Treasurer’s report was given by David Dix.  He had 2 reports that were distributed.  He reported that $20,000 had been transferred from CDs into checking and have been allocated.  Tan-Tar-A had needed advance payment for the conference.  He stated that 106 districts had paid in full, 1 district had made a partial payment, and 7 have not paid anything.  There was some discussion on the status of Area V, St. Louis County and George Engelbach offered to visit with them.  Steve Radcliff moved to accept the report and Marie Iiams seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


MDC REPORT:  Bill McGuire, Private Lands Division Chief attended and provided information on the restructuring of permit prices.  The Commission will review and comments they receive on this issue and make the final decision. He entertained a question regarding acreage increase requirements for landowners tags and how soon this level is likely to be increased again.


He noted that MDC wanted to mount an effort to eradicate feral hogs and have been working with Farm Bureau.  There is a proposed $500,000 item in the budget to eradicate feral hogs on private lands.  The funds will be used to assist landowners in trapping these hogs.  The areas having the largest problem with these animals are the Southeast Ozark area, West Central MO/Truman Lake area, Moniteau County and most recently Sedalia/KATY Trail area.


Mr. McGuire addressed staffing needs.  MDC is looking at needs in the area along with the decreasing budge before adding an employee.  Services will still be maintained.


NRCS REPORT:  Roger Hansen is attending the Commission meeting.




DISTRICT EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION REPORT:  Shelley Sumpter reported that they had started with registration Monday morning and that she would be putting any funds collected into the safe at Tan-Tar-A.  The trade show setup had gone well.  The employee meeting had gone well and they were available to help where needed.


Old Business


2008 Training Conference

Registration:  Registration was in progress and going well. 


Business Meeting:  The MASWCD annual meeting would be held on Tuesday and your agenda should have been in your packet.  It was requested that Bill Wilson be contacted to see if we could utilize their recording system as well as Peggy’s recorder.  Sharon Oetting was asked to take minutes for the remaining MASWCD meetings.


There was a question on how the vote counting process would be handled as there has been some difficulty in getting an accurate count in the past.  President Feldmann explained that a new setup would be used this year to ensure eligibility and make the counting process more effective.  Voting representatives and their alternates would be seated alphabetically at tables in the center front.  At this time President Feldmann introduced David Klarich, attorney that Feldmann had retained for the benefit of the association.  Steve Radcliff and Sharon Gifford requested that their objection to the separate seating arrangement be noted.  Steve Oetting moved, motion was seconded.  Voting results were as follows:  Steve Oetting/yes; George Engelbach/yes; Bernard Chestnut/yes; Harry Robbins/no; Sharon Gifford/no; Kenny Lovelace/no; Steve Radcliff/no; Marie Iiams/yes.  The vote was tied at 4-4 requiring the president to break the tie.  President Feldmann voted in favor.  Motion passed.


Awards:  Presenter assignments reviewed.


Workshops/Speakers:  Workshop/speaker assignments were reviewed and volunteers were found to cover for any of Peggy’s assignments not already taken over. 


Board Duties:  Marie Iiams will do the cash prize drawings at the trade show at 6 p.m. today.  Fred Feldmann will do the Chairmens Breakfast. 


Note:  George Engelbach requested that President Feldmann at the end of the opening session announce that the Urban County meeting scheduled to follow the opening session had been cancelled.


As board members had other training conference duties, the board meeting recessed at 3 p.m. to be reconvened 20 minutes following the opening session.



Meeting reconvened at 8:20 p.m.


Others joining the reconvened session were:


Beverly Dometrorch, Area IV


Pat Lambert, Harrison County

Wendy Bowen, Caldwell County

Thomas Lambert, Daviess County

Kathryn Braden, Taney County

Frankie Coleman, St. Charles County

Thomas Dunlap, St. Charles County

Ron Hardecke, Gasconade County

Ralph Glosemeyer, Warren County


New Business


NACD meetings:  Steve Radcliff moved to table this discussion until after the reorganization meeting on Tuesday.  Seconded by Beverly Dometrorch.  Motion passed.


Poster Contest new categories:  Beverly Dometrorch moved to table this item for further clarification.  George Engelbach seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


State Fair Hay Award:  Steve Radcliff moved to have the MASWCD support the State Fair Hay Contest at the same level as previous years.  George Engelbach seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


Committee Reports:  The Urban County committee cancelled this evening’s meeting because of lack of time to put it together.


Commission:  Kathryn Braden reported that the commission went through the DSP3 new plans and they continue to need input.  Plans are for a budgeting workshop.  The 2009 and 2010 budgets were discussed as well as needs assessment.


Area Reports:           Area V-George Engelbach-no report

                                    Area VI-Marie Iiams-no report

                                    Area I-Bernard Chestnut-no report

                                    Area II-Kenny Lovelace-same report as last time

                                    Area VIII-Harry Robbins-same as last time

                                    Area II- Steve Radcliff-lots of phone calls and unsatisfied people

                                    Area 7-Sharon Gifford-lots of calls from supervisors

                                    Area IV-Beverly Dometrorch-lots of calls from supervisors and letters


Correspondence:  Steve Radcliff reported that the correspondence had been turned over to the Commission.  At this point Kathryn Braden pointed out that she had 52 letters with concerns and had moved for a closed session during the Commission meeting to discuss them but could not get a second.


Other Business:  Steve Radcliff moved to appoint Steve Huber as Area VIII director.  The motion was seconded by Harry Robbins.  David Klarich pointed out that the MASWCD Bylaws have a number of holes.  One of these relates to filling a vacancy.  The Board can select from a slate if there is no quorum but no provision was contained in the Bylaws indicating that an appointment could be made if there was not slate and a quorum in attendance. 


Steve Radcliff called the question 3 times.  David Klarich noted that the President does not need to recognize a motion that is contrary to the Bylaws.


Steve Radcliff moved to appoint Steve Huber Area VIII director according to MASWCD policy.  President Feldmann noted that his point was not well taken.  George Engelbach stated that we cannot create policy not in compliance with the bylaws.  Kathryn Braden stated that the Bylaws need to be reviewed annually.


There was discussion and question on whether Roberts Rules of Order had a provision allowing an appointment to a vacant director position.


George Engelbach inquired as to how the MASWCD Areas represented the state.  David Dix gave the breakdown by Area and noted that they were pretty well balanced by number of districts per Area.


The next meeting will be scheduled the day prior to the Soil and Water Commission meeting, tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 22, 2009.


The meeting was adjourned.



Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Oetting