Tan-Tar-A Resort

Room 73

December 2, 2002


Eli Mast, President Gorman Bennett, DNR Soil & Water Program
Brenda Ebersold, Area I Montie Hawks, NRCS Area Conservationist
Richard Morgan, Area II Tom Lambert, Area II Director Elect
Henry Heinze, Area III Steve Ratcliff, Area II Alternate
Steve Oetting, Area IV James Krueger, Gasconade County SWCD
Laura McKeever, Area V David Dix. Treasurer
Kathryn Braden, Area VI Peggy Lemons, Executive Secretary
Bob Thornsberry, Area VII  
Steve Huber, Area VIII  

President Eli Mast called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. with roll call and introduction of guests.

The minutes of September 18, 2002 were approved as mailed. Motion for approval made by Steve Huber, seconded by Kathryn. Motion carried.

David Dix gave a treasurer report that covered from last Training Conference to this Training Conference as well as a report covering the calendar year. He stated there are 106 districts that have paid state dues. There was also a report of the MOCREP fund balance. A motion was made by Laura, seconded by Bob to approve the treasurer report. Motion carried. Eli stated that the books had been internally audited and found to be in order.

Auction items are needed for the NACD National Meeting to be held in February in Orlando. The Legislative Auction item should be valued around $200 and the Presidentís Auction item should be around $50 value. After discussion on possible items, a motion was made by Kathryn to have Brenda check with Stetson Hats for a hat and have Richard check with Modern Muzzle Loaders for a black powder gun to be donated for the auction. If the gun cannot be donated, authorize Richard to purchase a gun up to $200. If the gun is too high, then authorize Peggy to purchase the limited edition knife from Bass Pro. This motion was seconded by Steve Huber. Motion carried. All agreed that an appropriate item for the Presidentís Auction would be Precious Moments figurine. Peggy will take care of getting this.

Peggy reviewed the duties for each of the directors during the Training Conference. Steve Oetting and Henry wished to change their duties due to the grassland farmer being from Henryís area. A list of door prizes for the closing luncheon was gathered. Eli reviewed the agenda for the Annual Meeting and discussed topics of discussion for the Area Meetings scheduled for later this afternoon. The Chairman Breakfast is Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. and the Reorganization Meeting is Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m.

Henry reviewed the Farm Bill Meeting he attended in St. Louis representing MASWCD. He stated the main thrust seemed to be how do we get the word out. He stated there was a very broad representation of organizations and associations there. Montie discussed the EQIP changes; Missouri is changing to 4 areas and has changed the ranking sheets with landowners competing within their respective area only. Montie also discussed the technical assistance funding issues for NRCS through the Farm Bill.

Eli discussed the collection of NACD quota with the Board. He stated the NACD Board discussed having the states handle this instead of NACD as the states have a closer relationship with their districts in relating the benefits for paying quota. The NACD Board made no decision on this at their last board meeting. However, Eli stated this was something Missouri could go ahead and do. A list by district showing the amount of NACD quota paid since 1994 was reviewed. A motion was made by Richard, seconded by Bob, to have MASWCD start to collect the NACD quota January 2003 and forward to NACD quarterly. Motion carried. These quota bills will be sent out early January.

Eli discussed with the Board the need for the MASWCD Policy to be reviewed, revised and condensed. He stated he felt this was something that should be done by a committee and would like to have Steve Oetting be the committee chair. This will be discussed with the full membership at the Annual Meeting.


NRCS REPORT: Montie reported the FY-03 appropriations has not passed yet, NRCS is operating under a continuing resolution until January 11. Hopes are for something to be approved by mid-January. He stated NRCS is spending conservatively until the budget is approved. There may be a CRP sign-up in February, CRP is now an FSA program and EQIP is an NRCS program.

COMMISSION REPORT: Gorman reviewed the approval of wells for SALT AgNPS projects and the DSP-3 practices. He stated there have been questions on the criteria for streams needing to be fenced in order to be approved for a well. There is a $3500 maximum with repayment if the well is used for other purposes. The main issue is the public perception of the use of wells. He also reported that the Commission at their meeting earlier today removed the limit on funds that can be used for rent for those districts that pay their own rent.


AREA REPORTS: Brenda stated her area is seeing the need for a human resources policy or guidelines for the hiring and management of district employees.

Eli stated he had received a request for a $500 contribution to the Mid-America Grassland Contest. The contest will be moved to Springfield next year. A motion was made by Kathryn, seconded by Henry, to approve a contribution of $250. Motion carried.

It is time to approve the involvement in the State Fair Hay Award. A motion was made by Laura, seconded by Kathryn to approve the $50 prize and the plaque for the warm-season hay award. Motion carried.

Rex Pflantz had been acting as the MASWCD representative on the Research Committee. He is no longer on the local Marion County board and has asked to be replaced on the Research Committee. Eli asked Tom Lambert to serve on the Research Committee.

The MASWCD copy machine is in need of repair, estimated cost is $350 for parts plus labor. A motion was made by Kathryn, seconded by Brenda, to purchase a new one up to $800. Motion carried.

The Missouri Envirothon Committee is in the process of setting up their own bank accounts. They have asked for a clarification on who will cover the cost of travel expenses for Peggy for her involvement in Envirothon activities. A motion was made by Kathryn, seconded by Laura, for MASWCD to pay these travel expenses for Peggy. Motion carried.

Kathryn reported the Urban Committee has completed the brochure on what SWCDís offer to the urban community. She received a very good price of $808 for 15,000 copies. A motion was made by Richard, seconded by Henry to reimburse her for the total cost. Motion carried. She stated she will have the brochures at the Wednesday morning meeting and will have the Area Directors be responsible for distributing to the districts in their area.

The next meeting will be the Education Seminar. The exact date has not been set yet, will probably be in late February. An educational fact sheet will be needed for this meeting to be used with the Legislature.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m. Motion for adjournment made by Laura, seconded by Henry. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Lemons, Executive Secretary   Eli Mast, President