MASWCD Conference Call

January 3, 2000

8:30 p.m.



Eli Mast

Steve Hopper

David Dix

Donald Jordan

Richard Morgan

Henry Heinze

Kerry Gose

Bill Hollenbeck

Lloyd Gunter

Jerry Rennick

Steve Huber

Peggy Lemons


Eli indicated he wished to leave approval of the minutes of the November 29th meeting until the next regular board meeting. This was agreeable with the Board.

The funds in the NRCS grant were discussed. A clarification was needed on exactly who was eligible for the grant funds, which meetings were approved to attend, and the amount of the grant funds. A motion was made by Steve Hopper to put the remaining portion of the $1000 Area Grants back into the NRCS fund and that fund be made available to any supervisor in the state to attend the NACD national, regional, and spring legislative meetings. This was seconded by Lloyd. A motion was then made by Lloyd to amend the motion on the floor to add dollar limitations of 75% up to $800 for attending the NACD national meeting, 75% up to $800 for attending the NACD spring legislative meeting, and 75% up to $500 for attending the NACD regional meeting. This was seconded by Donald. Roll call vote on the amendment was unanimous. Roll call vote on the amended motion was unanimous. David indicated there was approximately $45,000 available in the fund at this time after expenses for the Training Conference were paid. A question if the MASWCD board members were also eligible for use of these grant funds, and David indicated he had discussed with Roger Hansen previously about expenses of the MASWCD board members paid for through the grant and he had approved them. The list of supervisors asking for consideration of these grant funds was reviewed. For the NACD national meeting there are requests from 22 supervisors. For the spring legislative meeting there are requests from 6 supervisors. For the NACD regional meeting there are requests from 8 supervisors. A motion was made by Henry, seconded by Jerry, to make an exception to the supervisor only rule to allow sending the 2002 Committee to the NACD regional meeting that includes the employees on the committee. The additional 25% of their cost will be paid by MASWCD. A roll call vote on this motion was unanimous. This added 4 more to the list to attend the regional meeting. Peggy will send notification of the grant approval to the respective District offices on Tuesday morning.

After discussion, a motion was made by Steve Hopper to allow Eli to handle any District problem(s) any way he sees fit after discussing it with the board. This was seconded by Jerry. Motion approved unanimously.

David reported the dues are coming in pretty good, to date 72 Districts have paid 2000 dues.

Eli discussed the cost-share comments that were made at the Training Conference. He indicated the Commission would be taking up the resolution recently passed at the Training Conference and forwarded to them at their March meeting probably. He asked for input and ideas from the board. The board indicated they would be in favor of appointing a committee to look into a solution to the cost-share problems.

The Senate Bill sponsored by Senator Westfall last year will more than likely be introduced again this year. Senator Westfall had agreed to drop the bill last year to see what could be worked out concerning Districts selling merchandise and being in competition with local MFAs, etc. However, his local District is now selling items that appear to be in competition with the local MFA and all indications are that we will see this bill before long. If he does introduce the bill, it will be included in the discussion at the Education Seminar in February.

Two requests for refunds of Training Conference fees have been received. A motion was made by Jerry, seconded by Donald, to maintain current policy of no refunds after cut-off date. Motion carried unanimously.

Two of the resolutions passed at the Training Conference have national importance and the board discussed whether they wanted to forward them on to NACD for their consideration at the National Meeting. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Donald, to forward these to NACD with MASWCDs support. Motion carried unanimously. These resolutions both concern the continuous CRP signup and were resolutions #7 and #8 at the 1999 Training Conference.

The date for the Education Seminar will be set as soon as legislative session begins. More than likely it will be the third week of February, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

There being no further business, a motion was made by Jerry to adjourn. Motion seconded by Steve Hopper. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Lemons


Peggy Lemons

Executive Secretary

Eli Mast