MASWCD Minutes 

  Conference Call

June 22, 2011

1:00 p.m.



 Not Present

Steve Radcliff, President

Bruce Biermann , Area 1

Tom Lambert, Area 2

Kenny Lovelace, Area 3

Beverly Dometrorch, Area 4

Ben Gorden, Area 6

Dan Greeson, Area 7

Mike Kelley, Area 8

Peggy Lemons, Executive Director


Fred Feldmann, Past President

George Engelbach, Area 5

David Dix, Treasurer

President Steve Radcliff opened the meeting at 1:00 p.m. and approved a quorum by roll call.


The Board discussed the Area Meetings for 2011.  Dates are set for Area 1, Area 3 and Area 4.  Area 1 will be August 3 at the Remington Nature Center in St. Joseph from 11 am to 3 pm.  Area 3 will be August 23 in Shelbina and probably an evening meeting.  Area 4 will be at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Sedalia starting at 10 am.  Steve Radcliff asked the other Area Directors to let him know as soon as a date is set for their meeting.  The agenda for the Area Meetings was discussed and all agreed that a presentation on the audits that Jim Boschert gave at the last Employee Rep meetings would be of interest to everyone.  Some of the areas are wanting to have partner reports.  The District Employee Association needs to have elections for their Area Representatives in each area.  Steve Radcliff briefly covered an Employer Resource Guide that is available on the MO Department of Labor web site.  He felt copies of this might be of benefit to those who attend the Area Meetings.  All Area Directors were in agreement of not wanting the DNR Coordinator in attendance.  Some indicated they might want t personally invite Colleen Meredith, but that is all from DNR.  It was also decided not to put the date and location information for the Area Meetings on the web site as this might be construed to be a public invitation.  Information on each Area Meeting will be e-mailed to the respective districts.


Steve Radcliff discussed a potential resolution that would require SWCD experience to be eligible to be on the Soil and Water Commission.  He also explained they were discussing a resolution to include transferring the authority of the Soil and Water Program back to the Commission by reversing the Type II transfer of funding from 1974.  He stated he planned to attend as many of the Area Meetings as he could and would talk about the need for this resolution.  Beverly suggested getting signatures on petitions at the Area Meetings to support the resolution.  Bruce and Dan had to leave the conference call, however there was still a quorum.  A motion was made by Beverly to pursue the resolution.  Tom seconded the motion.  Motion carried by a unanimous roll call vote –Tom (yes), Kenny (yes), Beverly (yes), Ben (yes), Mike (yes) – (5-0).


It was suggested that if not all of the funds being made available for each Area Meeting are needed to put on the meeting, door prizes could be offered.  It was also suggested to try to have area level award winners for the state awards and then have the area winners compete for the state winner recognition.  These awards are Teacher of the Year, Cooperator of the Year, Grassland Farmer of the Year, and Distinguished Service.


The Board then turned the discussion to the 2011 Training Conference.  Several theme and logo choices were reviewed.  The Board voted on their favorite theme and logo and the theme of Commitment to Excellence received the most votes.  The draft agenda for the conference was reviewed.  The Board discussed whether to offer lunch for purchase again this year.  Last year the minimum $500 was not purchased but we were able to take the additional cost in food items that were used for breaks and hospitality throughout the conference.  Mike Kelley motioned to continue the lunch for purchase for one more year.  Beverly seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Opening Session will be in the evening on Monday again, immediately before the live auction.  This seems to work well.  Choices for the speaker for Opening Session were discussed.  No word back on Secretary Vilsack yet, nor Governor Nixon.  Other speakers were discussed such as Brownfield Network Tom Severs or Jerilyn Johnson of the Missouri Ruralist.  Some workshop topics area already decided but there are still several yet to select.  The banquet entertainment is confirmed.  It will be Main Street Opry doing their country show.  The Partner Forum was discussed.  Several ways of improving it were brought up and will be pursued.


The registration for the conference was discussed.  Peggy indicated she had talked with the person who handled registration set up for the Missouri School Board and got the information on the company and type of scanner program they use.  It was indicated that the company they use actually has a representative go to their conference and help get it set up and spends 1 or 2 days there.  The cost has not been confirmed, but it sounds to be cost-prohibitive.  Due to this the Board decided to delay the decision for a year and continue to look at options available.  The Board then discussed the cost of the meals at the conference in light of the new per diem rules.  In order to provide for those who plan to come only for 1 day, the registration will be offered as all inclusive and also separately with registration only and choices of the meals to purchase.  The factor of triggering the per diem is when the meals are paid for.  If they are paid for at the same time as registration they do not come under the per diem rules.  The Board put in place a pre-registration deadline of November 1 with all registrations after that costing $25 additional.  They had previously decided to increase all meals by $5 each for those paid for after November 1.  These are due to guaranteed meal counts being needed prior to arriving at the conference, and managing the size of the rooms for workshops, etc., and getting those room names printed in the programs.


Kenny Lovelace mentioned that he liked the idea of having some type of a lapel pin, etc. to include with the registration information.  More information will be gathered on cost, etc., for this.


There being no further business, a motion was made by Tom Lambert to adjourn. Motion seconded by Beverly Dometrorch. Motion carried unanimously (5-0).  Conference call adjourned at 2:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Peggy Lemons

Executive Director

Steve Radcliff