MASWCD Conference Call

May 3, 2001

9:00 p.m.




Eli Mast

Richard Morgan

Bill Hollenbeck

Steve Huber


Steve Hopper

Henry Heinze

Jerry Rennick

Peggy Lemons


Bob Miller

Terry Cosby

Bill Wilson

President Eli Mast opened the meeting at 9:00 p.m. to discuss time sensitive issues.

Attendance at the NACD North Central Regional Meeting in Minnesota was discussed. Eli, Steve Hopper and Peggy will attend. Possibly Bill Hollenbeck and Steve Oetting also. They will contact Peggy by May 15 to get registration information. Peggy will check with Bill Horvath about registration forms for this meeting.

The State Envirothon was held earlier today, the first place team is Norborne from northwest Missouri. They will be competing in the national competition in Mississippi. Peggy discussed the issue of attendance at the national competition due to the prospect of Missouri hosting the national competition in 2005. A motion was made by Bill Hollenbeck, seconded by Steve Hopper, to pay for Peggy and Carol Hubbard to attend the national competition. Motion carried. Peggy stated the other members of the Missouri Envirothon Executive Committee will be attending also, their respective offices and agencies are paying for their costs.

Eli reviewed information on the upcoming conference "Making Locally Led Conservation Work". He stated he felt someone from MASWCD should attend. The conference is June 3-5, anyone who is interested in attending will let Peggy know by May 15 for registration information. Eli stated he would possibly go.

The letter recently sent to the Districts from the Commission asking for input on possible changes to help them meet their goals on reducing erosion was discussed. Steve Huber read a letter prepared by Cape Girardeau County that will be sent to the Commission responding to this. He stated his county felt pretty much the same way, that the decisions should be left to the local districts. Bill Wilson stated the purpose of the letter from the Commission was to gather input from the Districts to see how they feel about the Commissions goals on reducing erosion and the programs and practices currently being used to reach those goals. One suggestion was made that Districts could be encouraged to set limits on cost-share for certain practices. Most felt like the goals may need to be looked at. It was also stated that the Legislature would probably be supportive of a change in the goals or an expansion of the goals due to other areas such as water quality, especially if there was supporting information from the districts. It was decided that a letter would be sent to the Commission from MASWCD stating that the decision needs to be left in the hands of the local boards, but suggesting the Commission might want to look at expanding their focus or goals and offer our assistance by surveying the districts for information and input on expanding the goals.

Another cost-share issue that will be discussed at the next Commission Meeting is the obligated cost-share dollars that do not get claimed. Several counties are sending letters to the Commission requesting assistance with these dollars due to wet weather conditions preventing completion of practices. The Board had varied feelings on this issue. Steve Hopper summarized the letter his county had submitted to the Commission.

The St. Louis County SWCD had requested last year approval for Internet donations and sent $100 to open a bank account to be used for these donations. A letter was received from the District Manager of St. Louis SWCD stating the company who had set up these Internet donations was no longer in business and she would be leaving the district in the near future so they felt it would be best to close out the account. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Bill Hollenbeck to close out the account and send the $100 back to St. Louis SWCD. Motion carried.

Eli stated a committee will be organized to look at the best use for an additional $500,000 in District Assistance possibly in FY-2003. The committee will also be looking long-range at salary scheduled and ways to strengthen the districts. The committee will need to meet in either May or early June, a report on a concept for the $500,000 is needed at the June Commission meeting. Suggested committee members include 3 supervisors, 2 district technicians, 3 district managers, and a representative from an urban district. There will also be a representative from MASWCD and assistance provided by the Commission and possibly NRCS, as well as Eli and Peggy working with the committee. Suggested names were reviewed and these people will be contacted in the next few days.

Bill Wilson reported that the Commissioner from the northeast part of the state, John Alyword, was confirmed the day before and will be at the next Commission meeting. No news yet on the vacancy left when Peter Hoefer resigned.

The Board discussed upcoming Area Meetings. The time frame decided on was the last 2 full weeks in August. The Area Directors will be getting back to Peggy or Bill Wilson if they would like a change in the location of their Area Meeting or a change in the time of day whether day or night meetings. The Watershed Association elections that are to be handled at the Area Meetings were discussed. More information is needed on exactly what this will entail and who will be responsible for what. There is a meeting next week where some of this information can be discussed.

The next meeting for the MASWCD Board will be on June 25 late afternoon, probably in Rolla since the Commission meeting is scheduled for June 26 near Rolla. There being no further business, a motion was made by Steve Hopper to adjourn. Motion seconded by Richard. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,








Peggy Lemons

Eli Mast

Executive Secretary