Tan-Tar-A Resort

Osage Beach, Missouri

November 26, 2007



Fred Feldmann, President

Steve Oetting, Past President (arrived late)

Not Present

Bruce Biermann, Area I

Steve Radcliff, Area II

Kenny Lovelace, Area III

Beverly Dometrorch, Area IV


George Engelbach, Area V

Marie Iiams, Area VI

Sharon Gifford, Area VII

Harry Robbins, Area VIII


Peggy Lemons, Executive Director

David Dix, Treasurer


Tom Lambert, Area II 1st Alternate

David Morris, Area II 2nd Alternate

Henry Heinze, Area III 1st Alternate

Duane Ebeling, Area III 2nd Alternate

Don Hicks, Area IV 1st Alternate

John Rice, Grundy SWCD

Steve Stratton, Laclede SWCD

Paula Champion, Lawrence SWCD

Richard Morgan

Eli Mast

Jim Plassmeyer, DNR Program Staff

Roger Hansen, NRCS (arrived late)

Brad McCord, MDC (arrived late)



President Fred Feldmann welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. with a quorum established. Introductions were made around the room. Steve Oetting is attending the Soil & Water Commission Meeting.

The minutes from the September 13, 2007 meeting, October 17, 2007 meeting, and October 25, 2007 Conference Call were approved as mailed. The motion was made by Steve Radcliff, seconded by Kenny. Motion carried unanimously.

A treasurer report was given by David Dix. He stated that 108 Districts have paid their dues in full. A copy of the breakdown of the districts paying MASWCD dues was distributed so Area Directors would have this for the business meeting. David stated the bank balance is close to the balance at the same time last year. There were also financial reports for the MOCREP funds and the CRP-BOB funds. A motion was made by Bruce Biermann, seconded by George Engelbach, to approve the Treasurer Report as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

David stated he had received the quota invoice for 2008 from NACD. After discussion, a motion was made by Steve Radcliff to pay the 1% quota. This was seconded by Beverly. Motion carried unanimously.

MDC REPORT: Brad McCord is attending the Soil & Water Commission meeting.

NRCS REPORT: Roger Hansen is attending the Soil & Water Commission meeting.

COMMISSION REPORT: Jim Plassmeyer stated there was no additional report due to the Joint Commission Meeting being held earlier today. Dr. Don Udell will be the speaker tonight at the opening session.

DISTRICT EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION REPORT: Ben Reed is working on set-up for the Trade Show and was not able to attend. There was no additional report submitted.

Old Business:

An update was given on the progress with the group health insurance plan for the district employees. A question on whether boards would be considered a secondary insurance company by reimbursing the deductible was discussed. A clarification will be obtained from the Division of Insurance. Also a question was asked about the HIPPA regulations for protection of information due to medical invoices needed for reimbursement of the deductible and 20% co-pay expenses. A clarification on this will be obtained from the Program Office and if necessary again from the Division of Insurance.

There is a meeting tonight following the Watershed Association meeting, on the Missouri River Recovery Initiative (MRRIC).

Information on the progress of the 2007 Farm Bill was reviewed. A chart showing the House passed version and the proposed Senate version compared to the 2002 Farm Bill was reviewed. The debate is stalled in the Senate due to a numerous number of proposed amendments. The assumption is that there will probably be an extension of the 2002 Farm Bill. Also discussed was a memo from NACD about an EPA gulf Hypoxia Task Force action plan.

New Business:

For several years MASWCD has sponsored the warm season grass hay award at the Missouri State Fair. A motion was made by Beverly, seconded by Kenny, to approve sponsoring this award again for 2008. Motion carried unanimously.

Peggy reviewed the plans for the Training Conference, and the duties assigned each of the Directors to see if any changes need to be made. There will be door prizes given on Monday evening, Tuesday evening and Wednesday session. The Board decided to give the $100 gas card on Monday evening. The Area Meetings will be Tuesday morning prior to the business meeting same as last year. However, this year we will collect attendance information for quorum establishment at the Area Meetings. Due to the number of resolutions, Steve Radcliff suggested the need for debate rules and a time-keeper. It was decided to set a 3 minute per person debate rule with a 15 minute pro/con per resolution debate limit. George suggested if the vote is close, a roll call vote would be a good idea.

The memo from DNR that was sent out on November 8 concerning proposed rules changes was discussed. It was noted the reason for the proposed rules change for the cost-share allocation is to be in compliance with the law. The exceptions to allow non-erosion cost-share are not in compliance with the law. A question was asked on what criteria will be used to determine the allocation of the funds. A 5-year plan will be requested from the Districts on what they feel their needs are. This proposed change also allows for the more timely allocation of the funds instead of having to wait for unused funds to be returned and then allocated out later in the fiscal year.

Area Reports:

Harry Robbins reported he had received questions and concerns on the changes, nothing specific.

Steve Radcliff stated the moisture was good in his area for fall construction, most districts are waiting for the additional allocation of cost-share funds.

Kenny said he also had received questions and complaints on the changes, but mostly they were from rumors. He stated the weather in his area was good.

Beverly stated she had also received phone calls with questions on the changes.

Sharon said she had received calls from a lot of unhappy people.

Marie reported the same.

George stated his area had no moisture, concerns had been expressed on the insurance and the proposed changes. He stated that the insurance plan for district employees is doing well he felt compared to other boards he sits on. He was glad to see short term disability available.

Bruce stated he had also received questions and concerns. The crops are out in his area and most of the districts are close to having all their cost-share funds obligated.

Steve Oetting, Roger Hansen and Brad McCord joined the meeting due to the Commission Meeting being over.

NRCS Report: Roger reported that Congress has not passed any budget this year, they are operating on a continuing resolution. He said they prefer to not go the entire year on a continuing resolution as it would put him back to the FY-06 funding levels. The Senate has not passed the Farm Bill yet. CRP and WRP are scheduled to end December 31 unless a new Farm Bill is passed or the current Farm Bill is extended. WHIP and GRP both have hit their ceiling for acres and funds and were stopped on October 1. The only 2 ongoing programs for sure are EQIP and CSP. He stated 2 years ago he had 480 employees, this will be down to 400 by March and unless the new Farm Bill comes in he may end up at 375 or so this year.

Correspondence: A request from NACD for the three most important natural resources issues we will face in the next decade was discussed. The response was: 1 water quality, 2 soil productivity, and 3 renewable energy. The second question was how can the professional societies help us face these issues. After discussion a motion was made by George to send the 3 resource issues response to NACD. This was seconded by Bruce. Motion carried unanimously.

Other Business: Sharon stated she has been the forestry representative on the Missouri Forester Resources Advisory Council. Most of the meetings will be in Jefferson City and she does not expect a lot of expense, but each organization participating in this council pays the expenses for their representative. A motion was made by George, seconded by Marie, to fund the expenses Sharon has to attend these council meetings. Motion carried unanimously. George made a motion to give Sharon authority to represent MASWCD at these council meetings. This was seconded by Bruce. Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Oetting stated the MRRIC meeting will be tonight as earlier mentioned. Mike Wells will be one of the speakers, along with Ron Harnecke from Gasconade County SWCD. Steve stated that conservation districts have been given a seat at the table on this council (1 of 20 seats) and there will be 1 representative for the conservation districts in the 8 states along the river. They are currently gathering information from these districts on their level of interest and how far they want to get involved. Steve also stated that the person who will be the 8-state conservation district representative will have approximately $5,000 expenses and that we may be asked to help fund these travel expenses.

The next meeting for the Board is the Reorganization Meeting on Tuesday following the Business Meeting. The next regular meeting after that will be held at the Education Seminar in Jefferson City, and will be set as soon as time and location for the Seminar are confirmed, probably the latter part of February. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m. Motion for adjournment made by Steve Radcliff, seconded by Beverly. Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,



Peggy Lemons, Executive Director   Fred Feldmann, President