Tan-Tar-A Resort

Osage Beach, Missouri

EastWinds Room

November 26, 2001






Eli Mast, President

Steve Hopper, Past President

Brenda Ebersold, Area I

Richard Morgan, Area II

Henry Heinze, Area III

Steve Oetting, Area IV

Bill Hollenbeck, Area V

Robert Thornsberry, Area VII

Steve Huber, Area VIII


Montie Hawks, State Conservationist

Jim Plassmeyer, DNR Soil & Water Program

Ben Reed, District Employees Association

David Dix, Treasurer

Peggy Lemons, Exec. Secretary


The meeting was called to order by President Eli Mast at 9:30 a.m. Introductions were made around the room. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Bill, to accept the newly elected directors as full voting members effective this meeting. Motion carried.

The minutes from the September 14, 2001 meeting were approved as mailed. The motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Richard. Motion carried.

David distributed a treasurer report. He stated that the treasurer report for the business meeting runs from Training Conference to Training Conference, and the other statement runs for the calendar year that is necessary for the required tax forms. The $3000 for the Conservation Buffer program has been received. There has been $5000 transferred already for the conference registration, the remainder of the registration funds will be transferred after the conference. Seven districts have not paid dues for this year and will not be eligible to vote at the business meeting unless they pay prior to the voting at the meeting. A committee of Henry, Richard, and Steve Oetting has completed an in-house audit on the books and state everything is in order. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Bill to approve the treasurer report as presented. Motion carried. Peggy reported that the funds for the MOCREP cost-share has been

received and deposited in the bank in Jefferson City. $80,000 was put on 3-month CD's and $20,000 is in a money market checking account. The credit card registration for the conference amounted to just over $3,000. This provided the opportunity to try out the program before using it for the registration for the Branson meeting next July.

Eli reviewed with the Board the status of the budget expansion request for District Assistance in the FY2003 budget. He stated that at the last Commission meeting Steve Mahfood of DNR gave an explanation of why DNR had not included the funds in their budget. When asked if DNR could support the expansion if the funds were put in the budget through the legislature, Mr. Mahfood stated he would have to support the Governor and would have to recommend a veto of the funds. Eli reminded the Board that all being asked of the Commission was to support the recommendations of the committee on how the funds would be allocated if received. At the last Commission meeting they did not make a decision on this, there was some concern that if they did it would be going against DNR and the Governor. Their minutes state they will bring this up at the next meeting which is today, however, it is not on the agenda for their meeting. Kathryn is representing MASWCD at the Commission and plans to bring it up during the MASWCD report. At that time, we will break from our meeting to join the Commission meeting for this discussion.

Bill, Steve Hopper, Eli and Peggy reviewed the recent NACD Board meeting held in Salt Lake City. They reviewed the role of NACD in the Farm Bill legislation to date. Also the decision on NACD's role in regional meetings was discussed. NACD will be responsible for the board meeting and some form of leadership training, if the host state wants to provide a more complete meeting, it is their choice and they will be responsible for all the arrangements and costs. The strategic plan for NACD was adopted at their board meeting. They discussed the NACD quota and how to increase the number of districts paying quota.

An update on the Farm Bill legislation was given. A comparison sheet was distributed that shows the House version of the Farm Bill, the Senate Ag Committee version and the current law. This will be monitored as it moves through the Senate and in conference.

Eli reviewed a concern expressed by the Watershed Association over the election of Area Representatives at the MASWCD Area Meetings. Their by-laws indicate they allow nominations from the floor and feel that the final election needs to be at their business meeting held at this Training Conference. The watershed board meets this afternoon and the Watershed Association meets tonight and this will be discussed at both meetings.

The plans and duties for the Training Conference were reviewed. Those who will be presenting awards, saying prayers, etc. were finalized. The area meetings are scheduled for this afternoon, need to remind those attending to be sure and attend the Chairman Breakfast and the business meeting on Tuesday.

The mileage rate paid by MASWCD for director and committee member travel was discussed. Currently the rate paid is 29.5 cents, the state rate is 31.5 cents. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Steve Oetting, to set the MASWCD rate the same as the state rate. Motion carried.

Information was presented on the cost of board liability insurance for the MASWCD board. The need for this was discussed. A motion was made by Henry, seconded by Steve Hopper, to table this indefinitely and look into event liability coverage when necessary. Motion carried.

Eli brought the board up--to-date on a 319 proposal that was submitted for an educational project in cooperation with a company in St. Louis for presentations to urban communities about local voluntary involvement in the study and monitoring of the water quality in their urban streams. This proposal is in the name of MASWCD, however, the presentations will be handled by the St. Louis company. This proposal is scheduled for review on December 6 and a decision on approval will be made after that. MASWCD will not have any additional expenses connected with this proposal, nor will we gain any income. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Henry, approving this 319 proposal. Motion carried.

The upcoming NACD meetings will be discussed at the Wednesday morning reorganization meeting for who will be going and travel arrangements.

The board discussed the dates to hold the 2002 Area Meetings. The other event dates during July and August were reviewed. A motion was made by Richard, seconded by Steve Oetting, to hold the Area Meetings during the weeks of August 11 and August 18, 2002. Motion carried.

The Board discussed the amount for the state dues and decided to keep them the same as the past several years at $350. This motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Bill. Motion carried.

The available dates for the Capitol Plaza Hotel for the Education Seminar in 2002 were reviewed. After looking at the available dates, the board agreed to continue with the third week of February and look at holding the meeting at the Ramada Inn since the Capitol Plaza is not available that week.

MDC REPORT: No report

NRCS REPORT: Montie Hawks reported he was attending for Roger. Roger will be in Washington, DC tomorrow for budget discussion. He stated that the PL566 budget looks like Missouri will be getting $7 million ($5 million for construction and $2 million for technical assistance). The Farm Bill looks encouraging, NACD took a leading role in jumping to the challenge of making sure conservation was sufficiently funded. He distributed copies of a report on the Lower Mississippi Valley Initiative. He stated NRCS and the districts are partners in this effort. Montie also stated that the computers that were ordered recently through USDA where districts purchased additional computers, should be arriving at the state offices in December and probably distributed during January. These computers will be maintained by NRCS

COMMISSION REPORT: Jim Plassmeyer stated there was no additional report

EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION REPORT: Ben Reed reported that Steve Mahfood was invited to talk about the budget expansion request at the Employee Meeting on Tuesday. He stated that the districts greatly appreciate the benefit funds received. This is an election year for Area Representatives, several will be changing. The trade show has an increase in the number of booths by 8 or 9. The Employee Association will be selling sweatshirts this year. The employee state awards will be presented at the Tuesday lunch, area awards will be given at the Employee Meeting on Tuesday morning. Through the technical certification program, 46 district technicians have been certified. The association gives 8 scholarships yearly, and contributes to the Envirothon and the Women in Ag meeting. Sherri Doane is the Vice President for the Regional Employees Association and will be President in 2002, the employee association funds her attendance at regional and national meetings. Funds are provided to the Area Representatives to hold an area meeting for the employees each year. The associate membership is approximately 60 this year which is mostly board supervisors and NRCS employees.

Eli reported he had agreed to send $100 to the Grassland Evaluation Contest for 2002. A motion was made by Bill, seconded by Bob, approving this $100. Motion carried.

As a thank-you for all their work on the conference, a pizza party will be provided for the DNR staff. A motion approving $125 for this was made by Richard, seconded by Steve Hopper. Motion carried.

A letter was received from the Department of Agriculture asking if MASWCD will sponsor the warm-season hay award at the State Fair again in 2002. A motion approving this was made by Steve Hopper, this was seconded by Steve Huber. Motion carried.

The Envirothon dues of $250 are due January 15, 2002. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Brenda, approving payment of these dues. Motion carried.

The next meeting will be February 2002, in Jefferson City in conjunction with the Education Seminar. As soon as these dates are finalized, information will be sent to the Board and the districts.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 p.m. Motion made by Henry, seconded by Bill. Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,



Peggy Lemons

Peggy Lemons, Executive Secretary

Eli Mast

Eli Mast, President