Regular Meeting

USDA Service Center

Jefferson City, Missouri

September 20, 2010





Steve Radcliff, President

Tom Lambert, Area II

Kenny Lovelace, Area III

Beverly Dometrorch, Area IV

George Engelbach, Area V

Ben Gorden, Area VI

Dan Greeson, Area VII

Steve Huber, Area VIII

David Dix, Treasurer

Peggy Lemons, Executive Director


Not Present

Fred Feldmann, Past President

Bruce Biermann, Area I  



David Hale, Area VI Alternate

Sandy Hutchison,  Employees Association

J. R. Flores, NRCS State Conservationist

Bryan Hopkins, DNR SWCP Director

Bill Wilson, DNR Soil & Water Program

John Knudsen, MDC
























President Steve Radcliff welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Quorum was established by roll call and guests were introduced.  There were no revisions to the agenda.


The minutes from the June 16, 2010 meeting were approved with one minor correction, page 5 second paragraph the vote was 5-0 not 8-0 as originally listed in the minutes.  Motion for approval made by Tom Lambert, Ben Gorden seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0). 


A treasurer report was given by David Dix.  He stated the end date for the treasurer report should be 9-17.  There are 98 districts that have paid dues in full and 3 have paid partial amounts.  The total funds amount is close to what the fund balance was last year about this time, just different amounts in CD’s and the checking account.  There was a question about the interest rate expected for the CD’s coming due in October.  David stated he was not sure yet.  Steve Radcliff stated he learned of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks in Springfield that has the ability to pay 2.75% interest on funds invested with them.  All funds are FDIC insured.  There is a ¼% charge for

withdrawing funds.  Any organization headquarted south of the Missouri River is eligible to invest funds with them.  This will be checked into further.  Kenny Lovelace motioned to approve the treasurer report and file for audit, Beverly Dometrorch seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  The CREP agreement has been closed out and the administrative fee remaining in the account is just over $80,000.  This will also be invested wherever the best interest rate can be located.  Ben Gorden motioned to allow David flexibility to make the best deal he can for investing the fund balances.


MDC Report:  John Knudsen stated MDC is hosting the Soil and Water Commission meeting tomorrow.  He stated the department is looking at re-introducing elk in parts of Shannon, Reynolds, and Carter counties (focused on Peck Ranch). They have held listening sessions in Ellington, Eminence and Van Buren and are also taking comments on their web site until October 1.  They are looking at a disease free initial herd of eastern elk.  A few other states have done this with positive effects (Arkansas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania).


NRCS Report:  J. R. Flores distributed pocket calendars to the board and stated they will be providing them for the registration bags at the Training Conference.  He stated he attended 7 of the 8 Area Meetings and also stopped in at some of the offices close to the Area Meetings.  He stated this has been a record year of obligations for federal programs.  He reviewed the numbers of funds applied for and those actually obligated in the various programs.  The offices are finishing up obligations this week on the last of the contracts.  There was a special forestry initiative in EQIP funding for Missouri that was $1 million but it was above and beyond the normal allocation of funds to the state.  Dan Greeson indicated he had recently done a forestry stewardship plan and he had to bring in a technical service provider from Illinois.  J. R. stated that the forestry groups are looking at the issue of lack of technical service providers in Missouri for forestry projects.


Commission Report:  Bryan Hopkins stated that the Commission will be talking about targeted watersheds at their meeting tomorrow.  He stated it seems like a lot of times watershed plans get developed without input from the local soil and water district.   He stated he felt the Area Meetings went excellent, that people expressed they felt the partnership was improved.  They have been working on workshops for the Training Conference.  The agenda for the Commission meeting tomorrow is a light agenda and the meeting should not last all day.  Bryan stated that they had just received word of a new Commission appointment replacing Dan Devlin.  The new Commission is Charles Ausfahl from Fulton.  Bryan Hopkins stated he had met with Mr. Ausfahl and feels he will have a positive involvement in the program.  He hopes Dan Devlin will continued to be involved through his work with his local district and possibly serving on some of the work groups that will be set up in the future.  There is still one vacant position on the Commission.  The deadline for allocation of cost-share funds to determine eligibility for additional funds has been moved to October 15 due to computer system issues with some districts not having Internet access or access to MoSWIMS for several days.  They are asking anyone who is still having computer issues to please let the Program Office know.  The new Interim Director of DNR is Kip Stetzler, there is a nation-wide search being implemented to fill the DNR Director position.


Employee Association Report:  Sandy Hutchison stated their board had its quarterly meeting in August and also had training on the Freedom of Information Act.  Jim Plassmeyer had also given a presentation on the new time sheet program.  Sandy stated she had attended 5 of the 8 Area Meetings.  She stated she and Peggy are working on some kind of recognition for the district employees involved in the MRBI, CCPI, etc. proposals.  Most of the areas will be having their fall employee area meetings shortly. The information on their awards program was recently sent out.  They have been working on updating their web site and Sandy thanked MASWCD for their donation of the laptop to the Employees Association.  The next meeting for the Employees Association Board will be at the Training Conference.


Old Business:  The Board reviewed the recent Area Meetings.  They all felt the attendance was pretty good; Area 4 had the highest attendance with 74 there.  All felt it would be good to have more supervisors attend though.  Some areas reported a lot of participation in the discussion and having good debates.  Steve Radcliff stated he would like to see some sort of summary or tape of each meeting as there are different questions asked at each meeting which offers the opportunity for varying topics to be discussed at the different meetings.  There were 3 of the Commissioners that attended an Area Meeting – Richard Fordyce, Dan Devlin and Gary Vandiver.  All areas held elections with results as follows:

1 – Area Director, Bruce Biermann – 1st Alternate, Bernard Chestnut – 2nd Alternate, Donald Jordan

2 – Area Director, Tom Lambert – 1st Alternate, David Morris – 2nd Alternate, E. L. Reed

3 – Area Director, Kenny Lovelace – 1st Alternate, Henry Heinze – 2nd Alternate, Duane Ebeling

4 – Area Director, Beverly Dometrorch – 1st Alternate, Allen Reams

5 – Area Director, George Engelbach – 1st Alternate, Richard Hoelscher – 2nd Alternate, Charlie Stieferman

6 – Area Director, Ben Gorden – 1st Alternate, David Hale – 2nd Alternate, Leon Phipps

7 – Area Director, Dan Greeson

8 – Area Director, Mike Kelly – 1st Alternate, Steve Huber


Steve Radcliff, Kenny Lovelace, Beverly Dometrorch and Peggy Lemons reviewed the NACD Legislative meeting they recently attended in Washington, D.C.  Steve stated he was assigned to the NACD Task Force for the 2012 Farm Bill.  Steve and Beverly both serve on the NACD Education Committee as well.


New Business: 

2010 Training Conference:  The Board reviewed a draft agenda for the 2010 Training Conference. The list of workshops was reviewed and the Board approved the list.  One resolution was received and will be forwarded on to the Districts to be voted on at the Business Meeting.  The award nominations were reviewed and selections made for winners.  Kenny Lovelace motioned for MASWCD to present a Distinguished Service Award.  Beverly Dometrorch seconded. Motion carried unanimously (7-0).   A sample conference bag was discussed.  It is made from recycled plastic bottles and the cost is $2.29 each for 500.  George Engelbach motioned to approve this bag for the Training Conference.  Dan Greeson seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  There is an opportunity to have a lunch for purchase on Monday in the Trade Show area.  There is a minimum cost of $500, if less than that amount of products are sold MASWCD would have to pay the rest.  George Engelbach motioned to approve this lunch and if there is less than $500 in products sold to get the balance in groceries.  Kenny Lovelace seconded the motion.  Motion carried (7-0).  The cost of the Monday dinner has been partially paid for by MASWCD for the past several years.  George Engelbach made a motion to cover half the cost of the Monday dinner this year.  Steve Huber seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  Main Street Opry will be the entertainment for the Tuesday banquet.  They offer 2 different programs – Baby Boomer Program or Traditional County Program.  After discussion Ben Gorden motioned to approve the Baby Boomer Program.  Tom Lambert seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  The Partner Forum will be on Tuesday afternoon and will have the same agencies for the panel as last year.  Letters of invitation will be sent to the agencies shortly.  George Engelbach suggested sending a letter of invitation for the conference to the legislators and directing them to either the DNR website or the MASWCD website for more information on the program.  The Board plans to help stuff conference bags on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. at the conference.  The auditing group will also do an informal audit of the books at that time.  Steve Radcliff reminded the board that we need auction items (hopefully one nice item from each area) and also door prizes.  The First Time Supervisor award will be given again this year.  Discussion followed on what large door prize item(s) to give.   It was finally decided to offer a choice of cash or the clock.  Dan Greeson motioned to give either $450 cash or the clock as the big door prize at the Closing.  Tom Lambert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  The clock can be used for the NACD Live Auction if it is not selected as the door prize at the conference.


The FFA Speech Contest will be holding its District Contests shortly and judges for these District Contests are needed.  A list of the date and location of the District Contests was distributed so the Area Directors can line up judges.  There will also need to be 3 judges for the speech contest at the Training Conference which Steve Radcliff and Peggy will line up.


The Board discussed the supervisor training program being promoted by NACD.  They feel strongly about making sure it is a voluntary training program and struggled with what to call it as the term certification seems to create a negative reaction.  After further discussion Tom Lambert motioned to bring this up for discussion and a vote at the Business Meeting at Tan-Tar-A on whether to pursue it or not.  Beverly Dometrorch seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).  A name for the training could be Soil & Water Actions Training Protection (SWAT Protection).  The purpose of the training would be to education the District Boards on laws and requirements that would help protect them from legal issues, as well as board management training.


AREA Reports: 

2 -- Tom Lambert reported the districts in his area are still getting a lot of rain.


3 -- Kenny Lovelace said his area has been obligating cost-share funds pretty well, a lot are waiting for additional funds.


4 -- Beverly Dometrorch said part of her area is really wet and part is really dry.  A lot of her districts are going to wait and see.


5 – George Engelbach stated the crops in his area are in pretty good shape.  His county has been getting the cost-share funds obligated.


6 – Ben Gorden stated his area is doing quite a few contracts.  His District was recently audited and he reported on some of the findings in the audit.  He felt there was a higher than normal number of contracts reviewed and they were really looking closely at signatures.


7 – Dan Greeson stated cost-share is getting obligated in his area, but the area does not have a lot of cropland.


8 – Steve Huber stated his area has been dry but they are starting to get the crops out.  The no-till drills the districts own are getting a lot of acres on them but without the matching grant program any longer districts are not able to replace them.


Correspondence:  Information was distributed on an upcoming NACD Conservation Partnership Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in December.  Some stipends are available to help cover the cost of registration and hotel.


Other Business:  The Board reviewed a request to reinstate the Urban Committee to work on a program that would produce materials for urban landowners that would relate practices they can do in their backyards to the conservation practices on agricultural land.  The Board decided the idea would get action quicker if it was given to DNR and University Extension since they are both working on programs that would provide similar results. 


The next regular meeting will be November 29 at Tan-Tar-A starting at 9:00 a.m.  The next commission meeting is scheduled for November 29 also at Tan-Tar-A starting at 1:00 p.m.  The Board does need to plan to meet at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 28 to assemble conference bags.  There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 p.m.  Motion for adjournment made by Tom Lambert, Ben Gorden seconded.  Motion carried unanimously (7-0).


Respectfully submitted,




Peggy Lemons, Executive Director


Steve Radcliff, President