USDA Service Center

Jefferson City, Missouri

September 9, 2003



Eli Mast, President

David Dix, Treasurer

Steve Hopper, Past President

Roger Hansen State Conservationist

Tom Lambert, Area II

Sarah Fast, DNR Soil & Water Program

Henry Heinze, Area III

Bill Wilson, DNR Soil & Water Program

Steve Oetting, Area IV

Jim Hubert, Area III Elect

Laura McKeever, Area V

Peggy Lemons, Exec. Secretary

Kathryn Braden, Area VI

Bob Miller, MDC

Bob Thornsberry Area VII

Steve Jeanetta, University of MO

Steve Huber, Area VIII

The meeting was called to order by President Eli Mast at 4:00 p.m., and introductions made.

Steve Jeanetta gave a report on the planning proposal being prepared for the Soil & Water Commission long range plan. He stated the idea is to have local planning at the district level, regional planning sessions at the area level, with the results of these planning sessions into the state plan. There will be workshops at the Training Conference on how to put together a plan. The state plan will probably be used in the sales tax renewal efforts.

The minutes from the April 16, 2003 Board Meeting were approved as mailed and published. The motion was made by Kathryn, seconded by Henry. Motion carried.

David distributed a treasurer report. He stated 107 districts have paid state dues this year. The treasurer report covered the current period as well as the year-to-date. A report was also given on the MOCREP funds as well as the funds for the Quail Habitat incentive program. The interest from the MOCREP funds in CDs was transferred to the regular checking account. A motion was made by Kathryn, seconded by Laura to approve the treasurer report as presented and file for audit. Motion carried

The contribution to the Grassland Evaluation program was discussed. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Laura, to stop buying the

plaques for the program and support it with a yearly cash donation of $450. Motion carried. A motion was also made by Kathryn, seconded by Tom, to support the Envirothon program with a yearly $750 donation. Motion carried.

Those who attended the North Central Regional Meeting in Wisconsin reviewed items discussed there. Laura, Kathryn, Eli and Peggy attended. They reported the attendance numbers were low, but the workshops were good. There was a lot of time spent in board meetings and closed session.

Eli reported on the restructuring NACD is currently going through. NACD has a budget shortfall due to not receiving expected grants. The Executive Committee put into place the strategic plan that was developed earlier. Ernie Shea, the CEO for NACD, has resigned, he will leave after the national meeting in February. The restructuring funds the core functions from hard dollars (quota). The leadership services section was also restructured.

The Board reviewed the recent Area Meetings. Bill Wilson distributed a map of attendance. There were 91 districts represented, which is down from 98 last year, with 107 supervisors representing 70 districts. The number of supervisors was also down, however the number of employees was up. The largest meeting was Area 4, as was last year. Area 7 had no nominating committee working, therefore there was no election there. No one was interested in being Area Director, a letter was sent to all districts in Area 7 asking for nominations. If none are received, MASWCD will appoint an Area Director for Area 7.

A report was given on the collection of NACD quota. We are running about $8,000 behind last years collection at this time of year. A question was brought up concerning NACD hosting the national meeting in Hawaii during a tight budget year. Eli stated that NACD actually makes money on a Hawaii meeting, usually the meetings in Hawaii have a high attendance. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Tom, to pay the MASWCD quota to NACD of $775. Motion carried. A reminder notice will be sent to the districts who have not paid NACD quota this year.

A copy of the draft policy was reviewed. This is posted on the web page and districts have been asked for comments to be submitted by November 1. There was a suggestion that the policy be sent to the partners yearly for review and consideration. The board discussed how the new policy procedure will work if approved.

Awards to be presented at the Training Conference are Teacher, Cooperator, Grassland Farmer, and poster awards.

The resolutions received were reviewed. The resolution from Audrain County concerning Area boundaries will require approval by the full body according to the by-laws. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Tom, to support this resolution. Motion carried with Henry abstaining from the vote.

The resolution received from Morgan County on exemption for no-till from farming parallel to terraces was discussed. NRCS standards and specifications require farming parallel to terraces, and the Commission current policy and rules requires following NRCS standard and specifications. A letter will be requested from NRCS and the Commission stating the current rules and requirements and addressing the violations to the state cost-share funds. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Kathryn to request these letters and communicate back to the district. This resolution may not be included in the slate of resolutions for 2003.

The resolution from St. Francois requesting a change in the 4-year limit on the DSP-3 practice was reviewed. It needs to be reformatted into proper resolution form and approved by the district to make sure the intent of the resolution has not been changed. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Henry, to approve this resolution, reformat, receive approval from the district and include in the slate of resolutions. Motion carried.

The resolution from DeKalb concerning use of relief wells on terraces already constructed was discussed. Roger Hansen stated this is permitted by the current NRCS specifications, current Commission policy requires new construction or repair due to failure or storm damage. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Kathryn, to clarify it into resolution format and include in the slate of resolutions. Motion carried.

Eli stated there needs to be a standing policy committee to address resolutions in the future.

Eli proposed a by-law change to change the wording of Executive Secretary to Executive Director. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Bob to approve this by-law change proposal and include in the slate for the Training Conference. Motion carried.

Training Conference plans were discussed. Bill Wilson stated they were looking at some changes, fewer workshops but longer sessions with an emphasis on planning. The joint meeting with the Commission and MASWCD will be on Monday, December 1 with the breakfast starting at 7 am, and their separate meetings starting at 10 am. The opening session will be on Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. with workshops at 3 pm, the dinner in the tradeshow area Monday evening. A motion was made by Steve Oetting, seconded by Tom, to not have Area Caucus Meetings this year. Motion carried. The Chairman Breakfast will be Tuesday morning and the Employee Association meeting will be Tuesday morning at 8 am, with workshops the rest of the day on Tuesday. Employee Association awards will be presented at the Tuesday lunch along with a speaker. A suggested speaker for the banquet is a Teddy Roosevelt speaker. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Laura, to approve the Teddy Roosevelt speaker for the banquet. Motion carried. The Association Annual Meeting will be on Wednesday morning at 8 am. Everyone will be able to attend the Annual Meeting for the first 2 hours, then the employee training will start at 10 am. The reorganization meeting will be held at 11:30 a.m., right before the closing lunch. If additional time is needed for a board meeting, it can be set up right after the closing lunch.

Kathryn challenged each Area Director to bring 3 items for door prizes. November 14 will be the cut-off date for pre-registration and refunds. A motion was made by Laura, seconded by Henry, to sponsor the Monday evening dinner the same amount as last year, $1300, and keep the registration the same as last year, $30 and $35. Motion carried. Job assignments such as award presenters, prayers for the meals, etc. will be assigned later.

Kathryn reported on the Urban Committee meeting and their plans on the Training Conference workshops this year. They plan to have a session on storm water regulations and what they mean to SWCDs. They also want table top discussions. The Urban Committee will meet again on October 29.

Information on Board Job Descriptions and Handbooks that can be purchased was discussed. No decision was made, this will be brought up again at the next meeting.

MDC REPORT: Bob Miller reported MDC is working on a quail habitat emphasis in the state. He stated MDC had questions on how their sales tax was spent and presented a handout they made that contained that information.

NRCS REPORT: Roger Hansen stated NRCS had received an additional $2 million EQIP funds to be used for 50% cost-share. This will fund another 80-90 applications. Additional funds were also received in other funds (WRP, GRP). For the last CRP sign-up about 80% of the applications in Missouri got funded, that means about 3000 plans (contracts) that need to be written and signed by September 26. There are plans to include local resource priorities for points in the EQIP ranking system for next fiscal year. They are also considering a base allocation to each county. Office consolidation is progressing, next week the list will be down to 200. When he gets a list saying how many we have and who they are that he can share, he will. He stated he will support any office closed to his fullest extent possible. Closures will happen after October 1. He stated he currently has a balanced budget, 35 more staff years than this time last year, around 50 vehicles will be ordered next week to arrive next spring.

Kathryn asked about enabling legislation for farmland protection. Roger stated there are some funds through the Farm and Ranch Protection Program being used in Missouri.

COMMISSION REPORT: No additional report. The Commission meeting is tomorrow.

Employee Association Report: Peggy reported the Employee Association wishes to express their appreciation for the number of associate members. They are discussing preparing an informational brochure on what SWCDs are that could also be used during the tax renewal for information. The Benefit Committee met earlier today, feels there is sufficient funds to go through FY-2005, but additional funds will be needed for benefits for FY-2006.

Eli discussed with the Board the future structure of MASWCD. This is his last term, the Board needs to discuss who is willing to step up. The by-laws say the President is 1 year term and can serve 4 consecutive terms. The Board discussed splitting the duties of the President and having someone other than the President be the NACD Board member and handle the NACD duties.

Correspondence: There is a meeting for state association Executive Directors scheduled for October 13-15 at Indianapolis. A motion was made by Laura, seconded by Bob, to send Peggy and pay reasonable expenses. Motion carried.

Other Business: Information was received about a computer software source for non-profit associations. The software is sold for handling charges as it is donated to this organization. A motion was made by Steve Hopper, seconded by Henry, to approve a purchase of the software and sell back to the districts for the handling charge. Motion carried.

The next meeting will be December 1 at Tan-Tar-A Resort, starting with the joint breakfast meeting with Commission at 7:00 a.m.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Lemons                                        ExecutiveSecretary


       Eli Mast